Friday, August 14, 2009

Well hola!! Like anyone reads my blog haha it's been forever.. Not much has changed in boring ogden, utah. I was dating this boy adam, not sure i mentioned him. He is a loser though.. Totally played me :( and broke my heart.. Yeah still trying to find out who i am without him. It's weird being with someone for so long and then all of a sudden they are gone.. Life sucks sometimes.. Oh it kinda reminds me of my favorite quote. If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. Okay well that doesn't really tie in, i just really like that quote haha. Well ya, got a new phone. It's SWEEET. A lg xenon.. it's a touch screen and slides up so then it's a keyboard.. AWEsome ha.. aalright peace! em

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

lame-ski life.. :D

new classes suck.. ha ha i have zero friends.. and i miss my photo class now i have stupid pe now! speaking of photo i like people to see my pictures :) so i'll post a couple of my favorites.. i'm not as inspired to take pictures anymore.. snow isn't my favorite to take pictures of.. the only thing that light up my day is the sunset ha ha it just looks so warm :D

so ya life in ogden, freaking utah.. it sucks! i hate snow. and we still have 6 more weeks of this stupid winter! i want the sun!! just to burn my skin, i'm so just craving for a sun burn. and this gloomy winter makes me depressed..

oo a big 17 now i am! nothing special.. i just so badly want to be an adult ! ha ha i liked my birthday it was prolly the best one yet! just because adam made it amazing :)

oh p.s. adam is the boy i like.. he's 21.. so we are just friends but he's the one that brought meh back to the gospel and i just love him :)

<-------my adam and me on my birthday!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Well school's out today! I love holidays! I'm going to be 17 in two weeks. It's not old enough, i wish i was 18 and done with high school. It's so hard. I have like zero friends! But i live with it.. Ha the other day my friend left me at lunch for her boyfriend.. I was like crap what am i going to do? So i went in the library and read.. Like a nerd! funny huh? i laugh at myself even though it's not very funny! I got a new phone the other day too! It's a blackberry pearl! It's pretty sweet.. but it doesn't send or recieve pictures, i guess i have to pay 30 dollars extra for this blackberry service cuz i guess it uses the internet to get the pics.. it's ridiculous! i'm so mad.. Anyways. Other than thta everything is pretty good here in ogden boring utah!! Oh except i hate snow!! Terribly i was thinking of moving to st george with my aunty kaye!! ha ha well i'm gonnna go for the day, prolly to go find a new job..
oh and p.s i got my hair done :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

oh me and tasha are friends again.. :)) we have kinda been fighting..
i love her lots!!
well christmas time!! ha ha can't wait.. i'm going shopping next week :D any suggestions what to get roberto?? ha ha i don't know what he likes?

Thanksgiving was great with the cottams..!! i hope there is some left overs.. oh that is my favorite meal of the year. we missed megan and jared a lot. well i did at least. lol yesterday morning (thanksgiving morning) we went trap shooting at the park, it was so much fun.. i'm so awesome at it :) but oh man i can't even lift my arm this morning. it's all bruised.. ha ha i should've held the gun tighter..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

sick tooo :(

So i don't know where i got it! but ugh it sucks! megan i hear you out girl. but i don't need a smoke. ha ha since saturday night i felt so bad. i had the flu or something. icky stuff!! i missed two days of school. :( not good.. i needa go, especially so i can get my car back :) i miss driving my babe.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Well it's halloween day. And i'm grounded. My favorite holiday and i don't get to do anything. Ha life is hard sometimes. My mom said i could clean and then maybe i could do something so i'm going to get to cleaning. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

-For work we got to dress up. Here are my costumes.. :]